meetings and vomit

The baby/theatre career juggling is going well. He still seems content to sleep or feed through meetings – and I’m increasingly brazen with my breast baring. Although often the moment a meeting is over he decides that’s the best time to vomit – sometimes projectile vomit – all over us both. Arguably he’s right, that is the best time – don’t know how much Nick Hytner would love having a face full of vomit. Though to be honest I’m not sure he’d be wild about me baring my breasts in front of him either…

It is strange how I spent the first half of this year not doing a huge amount of work (other than growing a baby, which could perhaps reasonably be said to be a huge amount of work, actually) and now, with a tiny person to look after (which is definitely a huge amount of work) I have four Metta productions happening or in development (Monkey & Crocodile, Arab Nights, Surface and a top-secret but soon-to-be-announced project involving a cupboard), two Edinburgh shows for the magicians and an out-door As You Like It up in Derbyshire for Jagged Fence and the Wirksworth Festival. All in the next six months.

Perhaps I am insane. Watch this space…

babies and meetings

The rest of May was surprisingly busy (maybe not that surprising really). The judging weekend for the Title Pending award at Northern Stage went brilliantly well and was a really useful opportunity to develop Arab Nights.  Then crammed in several shows – Posh in the West End, Tenet at the Gate and Three Kingdoms at the Lyric – all very different, all in their respective ways very brilliant.

Then I had a baby.

Then straight back to work – our first trip out of the house (two weeks after the baby was born) was to a meeting with ETT – at which I breast-fed and took notes simultaneously. So efficiency doesn’t evaporate after giving birth. That’s a relief. And since then have had several meetings with baby on the boob – admittedly easier with Skype meetings where you can angle the breast out of shot on the computer.  I think more people have seen my breasts in the past month than in the past ten years (excluding my brief burlesque career, true). Have also had a few meetings in my pyjamas or dressing gown (in the flat – not gallivanting round town in them) being the consummate professional that I am.  So far then motherhood and career are balancing fairly well – and now that I can have him in the sling I can feed hands-free and work at the computer… as I am doing now!