two magic shows, four metta shows, and one baby

I think it’s fair to say I am insane. What did you do in July Poppy? Oh, I just looked after my two month old baby. Really? No, I also (sort of) directed two Edinburgh shows for the magicians – (Clockwork Miracles and Lying Cheating Scoundrels),  interviewed the staff at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability for our new opera about Locked In Syndrome (Surface), spent a week developing our circus-theatre show, half in Circus Space and half in a playground (Monkey & Crocodile), created a story-telling installation at the Bush for Theatre Delicatessen’s Bush Bazaar (Old Red’s Cupboard) and read the first drafts and started casting for Arab Nights.

And almost forgot – I also edited down the script of As You Like It for my forthcoming production for Jagged Fence and the Wirksworth Festival.

So that was July. I’m tired.