once more it’s time for me to think in verse

So August was as busy as July!
Auditions for the ‘Nights‘ went very well
And on one stressful Friday afternoon
We had a read-through, Skypeing with the writers
Who could not be there in the actual room.
Although thanks to the failing internet
of Edinburgh, and other techy hitches
Beirut having no electricity
Our numbers for the readthrough were depleted.
But nonethless we have a good recording.
Meanwhile I also wrote a rough first draft
of our new opera, previously known as ‘Surface’
But now renamed to be instead called ‘Flicker’.
And Noah had his first Arts Council Meeting
which went quite well, until he graced us all
with such a giant poo it quite leaked out
all over Will, staining his shorts most yellow.
I’ll not deny it was an awkward moment.
But thankfully they seemed to take it well,
And hopefully it will not penalise
us in our future funding applications!
Then in one spare and sunny afternoon
I managed to dash off a horror play
A silly thing, for Theatre of The Damned‘s
London Horror Festival competition.
And finally (if that were not enough)
I’ve madly put together ‘As You Like It’
A 1950s Rock and Roll fueled romp
Set in America – it’s very silly.
So that’s been hugely fun but hugely tiring
As having a baby in the room is great
For when the actors must soliloquise
(because it’s fun for them to talk to Noah
Directly, and of course he loves it too)
But holding him and holdin’ the show together
Has stretched my patience, strength and sanity!
Especially on the day of Poo-mageddon
(Much worse than the Arts Council accident)
Where mid-rehearsal he let forth a squelch
Which covered him, my shoes, me and the floor
With poo of such fluorescence and such stink
That the poor cast stood speechless, quite agog
Until one of them had the sense to run
Away to find a lot, a LOT, of loo roll!
But poo aside, the show is going well
We open in a week and I can’t wait!
So that has been my August. Pretty busy.

What will September bring? Well, we shall see…