juggling and short plays

It’s much maligned but I do rather love the short play form – true it doesn’t allow you the depth of a longer piece but I love how well and simply it can work as a form to capture the heart of an idea or character. And in this age of micro-blogging with Twitter and Facebook status updates it feels an apt form for those with limited attention spans.

Aside from our forth-coming collection of short plays – Arab Nights – which opens at Soho next month I also saw a production of 5 short plays by Will Eno – Oh The Humanity – (also at the Soho) the other week . A beautiful, tender quirky evening full of humour and pathos and exquisite acting. Gorgeous. And having written my own 20 minute play Box – which was given a few readings earlier this year I have since started a second short play Gift as a sort of companion piece and as of this very night – formed an idea for a third – so new it doesn’t even have a title yet…maybe Eggs (?) It’s about juggling. Maybe juggling eggs (literal and metaphorical). Who knows, I haven’t written it yet.  So hopefully before the year is out I shall have completed that small trilogy. As you can see I’m fond of mono-syllabic titles!

In the mean time still juggling the writing of Flicker – which has a few days of R&D coming up next week at ETT – and tour booking for next year – and motherhood – and of course prep for Arab Nights including my first interview with The Stage this afternoon – we covered everything from poo (naturally) to peace in the Middle East.

Also learning Arabic. It’s a busy time, but I think I am becoming pretty adept at juggling (hopefully).