Hello again world…

How lucky I had so much work at the beginning of spring 2020 before everything fell apart!

But the last two years haven’t been devoid for creativity and joy. We managed to record and release 5 different cast albums/EPs (and a few music videos) of 5 of the musicals I have in development, several during full on lock down via many many hours of zoom.

We managed to workshop one of those (HouseFire, by me and Felix Hagan) and that’s hopefully going into production in 2023. We side-stepped into film and made 2 seasons of a digital musical Cells – which was just in the Guardian’s list of ‘Best theatre to stream this month.

We actually mounted a full production of one of the other (The Rhythmics) which brought joy, tears and standing ovations to the audiences who caught the 10 days of previews before it was brought down by covid.

And 2022 has really got back to some kind of new normal – I directed Jonny Donahoe’s latest solo show ‘Forgiveness’ in February and made a friend for life. Directed another short musical film in March with the lovely Holly Mallett – a queer family rock musical of Medusa that will hopefully become a full stage show in 2024. Directed a gorgeous Cosi in the summer (with a very lovely 4 star review from The Guardian, thanks very much) and recorded a cast EP for the next show by me and Felix Hagan. And am about to fly to Saudi Arabia to teach musical theatre for a month, followed by directing my musical of The Little Prince at Taunton Brewhouse this Christmas.

As I type I have just lost two big jobs for 2023 and also my agent has quite being an agent. So that year isn’t looking quite so rosy. But ‘twas ever thus. Onwards and onwards.