Poppy works across a variety of genres and sectors – one of which is the circus arts (including cabaret and magic) about which she is hugely passionate. She is available as an outside eye/director for circus acts, full-length shows, cabaret & magic. She charges a day rate of £200 a day – and is happy to come in for single days – please contact poppy @

She was the original director for ‘School of Pop’ in 2009, the first show from the award-winning critically acclaimed Frisky & Mannish and has directed extensively for Victorian Magicians Morgan & West. She has also worked with the cabaret duo Bluebirds of London and jugglers Arron Sparks on ‘Down Up’ and Jon Udry on ‘Jon Udry Punches Gravity in the Face’.


‘Working with Poppy is always a fantastic experience as she really cares about a shared vision for the piece. We wouldn’t go to anyone else as she is a brilliant, collaborative director.’ Rhys Morgan (Morgan & West, Time Travelling Magicians

‘Poppy was incredibly useful when it came to brainstorming and bouncing around new ideas and above all, her talents really shined when looking at the overall storyline of the show and piecing sections together with themes. A pleasure to work with.’ Jon Udry, Juggler